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2019 - Tiger Skills Camps (1st - 7th)

  • FUNdamental Camp(1st-3rd)
  • PT Skills Camp(4th-7th grade)

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Participation Waiver

hereby give my informed consent for the child mentioned herein to participate in the Broken Arrow Youth Football Association skills camp. I understand the risks of injury in athletic participation. If my child is injured, a physician, coach or trainer may institute necessary medical care. It is further agreed that BAYFA and the coaching staff will be relieved of all responsibility in the event of injury.


The parent/guardian for the participant grants Indian Nations Youth Sports, Broken Arrow Youth Football and those associated thereof the right, but does not otherwise impose the obligation, to photograph, videotape and/or otherwise use the parent/guardian and/or his or her participating child’s name, face, likeness, voice and appearance in connection with exhibitions, publicity, advertising and promotional materials, free of charge without reservation or limitation.


In the event of a medical emergency, I hereby authorize my child to be transported to the nearest emergency room or medical facility. I also authorize officials to secure the use of an ambulance for transporting my child to the hospital and/or to administer first aid treatment as necessary. I further authorize any physician, surgeon or dentist of the nearest emergency medical center to administer any emergency treatment procedure or medicine necessary or advisable, when accompanied by an adult. I further agree to pay the hospital, doctors and ambulance fees for all services rendered to the above named child. I request that this authorization remain in force from this date until the end of the calendar year unless notified in writing of a change by me.

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