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Coaching Requirements

Each coach will be required to participate in the training that will be delivered by the Inola Youth Football League. Date & Time TBD. This will include a mandatory background check and on-the-field safety training.

Concussion Protocol

1) Remove the athlete from play
a) Look for signs and symptoms of concussion if an athlete experienced a bump or blow to the head
b) "When in doubt, sit them out" - athletes with signs or symptoms of concussion must not return to play

2) Ensure that the athlete is evaluated immediately by an appropriate health care professional
a) Do not try to judge the severity of the injury yourself
b) Coaches recording the following can help a health care professional in assessing the athlete:
i) Cause of the injury and the force of the hit or blow to the head
ii) Any loss of consciousness and if so, for how long
iii) Any memory loss or seizures immediately following the injury
iv) Number of previous concussions (if any)

3) Inform the athlete's parents/guardians of the possible concussion & and give them the concussion fact sheet for parents found on
a) Ensure that parents know the athlete must be seen by an appropriate healthcare professional
b) Provide formal documentation of the injury and notify the proper officials

4) Allow the athlete to return to play only after an appropriate healthcare professional clears his or her return
a) A repeat concussion that occurs before the brain recovers from the first can slow recovery or increase the likelihood of having long-term problems

By initialing below, I am stating as a coach of a player that I have read and understand that concussions are a serious illness and that I will abide by the league rules pertaining to concussions. I further understand that if I do not comply with the rules set forth that I may be removed from coaching within the league.

Coaching Code of Conduct

Our goal is to help the youth by providing an environment where they have fun and develop the values of sportsmanship, teamwork, commitment and hard work. We encourage scholastics achievement and family involvement while acting as consistent and caring role models.

Be organized. Have your practices and drills planned out, written out and timed. Be effective with your time.

Speak with confidence and purpose.

Take no chances with health issues. If necessary, contact the participant's parent or guardian, evaluate or call 911. Keep all asthma inhalers in one location.

Be positive and encourage participants and teamwork.

Do not touch a participant when you appear angry.

Do not use any abusive or foul language.

Alcohol, illicit drugs and tobacco is prohibited at IYF events. Do not wear any clothing that promotes alcohol, tobacco products or drugs. Be modest when dressing for events.

Safety is our 1st concern. First aid kits will be issued to each team.

No arguing with officials, opposing coaches or participants. Only talk to officials to clarify the number of players committing the foul, asking for the amount of time left for time out and clarifying any “special” league rules. Never question a judgment call ever. Any coaches that are tossed from a game may be immediately terminated.

Report any signs of child abuse or neglect to DHS Abuse and Neglect Hotline at 800-522-3511 and submit a written report to the IYF Board of Directors immediately.

Report any type of bullying to the IYF Board of Directors immediately.

Excessive unexcused absences to practices and games may result in elimination of participation.

Head coaches hold the power to appoint their assistant coaches, given that the potential appointed assistant coach has met all IYF coaching requirements.

I agree to abide by all guidelines as a condition of coaching for the IYF. I can be terminated at any time, with or without cause, and I will have no remedy for review. I agree to accept whatever actions the IYF Board of Directors feels is appropriate and agree to hold harmless the IYF Board of Directors, committee, coaches and members for any wrong doing or acts of negligence. I agree to resolve any issue directly with IYF Board of Directors and not in the court of law. I acknowledge that I will be a positive role model, as participants will take their cue from me. I agree to act in a way that is honorable. While the goal is to play well, the primary goal is the uplifting and proper training of the youth.

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