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Date of Birth required for background check
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Each head coach and all members of each coaching staff shall be certified in football by USA Football and show proof upon request. All certifications shall be issued by USA Football. The President of each member club will turn in to the INFC office a list of all coaches involved in their program along with their card number, certification number and contact information prior to the first regular season game. This will allow a current up-to-date list of all certified coaches to be maintained and on file in INFC office should any problems or questions arise.

Exceptions to USA Football certification would be:
A. Another form of certification approved by the Commissioner
B. School Certified Coaches

All Coaches on the sideline must wear a copy of their certification and their INFC pass on a lanyard around their neck.


1) Remove the athlete from play
a) Look for signs and symptoms of concussion if an athlete experienced a bump or blow to the head
b) "When in doubt, sit them out" - athletes with signs or symptoms of concussion must not return to play

2) Ensure that the athlete is evaluated immediately by an appropriate health care professional
a) Do not try to judge the severity of the injury yourself
b) Coaches recording the following can help a health care professional in assessing the athlete:
i) Cause of the injury and the force of the hit or blow to the head
ii) Any loss of consciousness and if so, for how long
iii) Any memory loss or seizures immediately following the injury
iv) Number of previous concussions (if any)

3) Inform the athlete's parents/guardians of the possible concussion & and give them the concussion fact sheet for parents found on
a) Ensure that parents know the athlete must be seen by an appropriate healthcare professional
b) Provide formal documentation of the injury and notify the league Commissioner

4) Allow the athlete to return to play only after an appropriate healthcare professional clears his or her return
a) A repeat concussion that occurs before the brain recovers from the first can slow recovery or increase the likelihood of having long-term problems

By initialing below, I am stating as a coach of a player that I have read and understand that concussions are a serious illness and that I will abide by the league rules pertaining to concussions. I further understand that if I do not comply with the rules set forth that I may be removed from coaching within the league.


Everyone, including coaches and sponsors, will be required to pay gate admission or furnish an INFC gate pass. If a coach or sponsor does not have their pass, he/she will be required to pay the gate admission fee.

Any coach or person(s) caught in an attempt to gain entry with a false or reproduced INFC pass, gain entry without their pass and/or refuse to pay gate admission, or caught attempting to “hand-off” an INFC pass to another individual is subject to having their pass revoked, subject to suspension, and/or a fine up to $100.00.


All coaches must undergo a background verification through the club for which they are coaching. Each individual club is responsible for establishing their criteria.


Each team within the Indian Nations Football Conference shall be furnished a current INFC Rule Book. As a coach, you are expected to have read and understand the rules before practice begins. A current version of the INFC Rule Book can be found online at

Answers to questions pertaining to the Indian Nations Football Conference Rule Book can be found by attending the mandatory coaches meeting in July, contacting your club official and/or by contacting the league office or a league commissioner.

It is suggested that each team maintain a current copy of the INFC Rule Book at all Indian Nations Football Conference activities, games and events.


The head coach is responsible for their sideline. If a sideline coach is not wearing the certification, the coach in question will be removed from the
sideline and prohibited from coaching.

The number of non-player personnel on each football team’s, sideline shall not exceed a total of eight (8). This eight (8) include all coaches, manager, play counters, or water aids. Any coaching of players must be by a certified coach. The Head coach will be held accountable for their sideline personnel and any violation of this rule.

One coach from each team must attend the mandatory coaches meeting. Failure to comply will result in a $200.00 team fine. All games will be forfeited until such fine is paid to INFC. Persons caught in an attempt to falsify attendance for another coach will be suspended for the season.

All new coaches must attend an INFC orientation prior to the first INFC scheduled game. Failure to attend will result in that person being removed from coaching for that season.

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